Bashienture’s 109: Desert Safari, Dubai

groupie 1On a holiday, we spent our time to out of town getaway so called Desert Safari. One day tour with full pack of excitement and fun. We brought them to an extra miles. As a first timer, this adventure was one of the unforgettable experience so far.

To begin with, Joash booked in advance. We knew that price difference was pretty massive.So, a week ago before the tour day. He saw good offer including all the activities for only 55 AED per head.

Let the journey begin.

The Desert Safari tour has pick up bus. They will pick you up with mini bus or 30 seater vehicle. Tip: It’s better to travel along with 7 person. Why? you will found out later. No limitation if you want to be alone on your trip. Our call time was three in the afternoon. Waiting area located in Deira City behind Day to Day, in-front of Mosque.

We came early to the said place, so what we did? We took groupie.CL

After thirty minutes of waiting finally the bus arrived. We occupied the back seat of the bus since we are the biggest group among the tourist.


Here are the package includes to our adventure.

Desert driving and dune bashing in 4WDs by professional drivers.EDITgroupie4

When we reach our destination, I thought we were there. The SUV vehicle was the transportation going to middle of the desert. End of the roller coaster ride is the camp of safari. Where most activities are happening. I cant really imagine what I have experience in the car. I thought we’re gonna fall on the sands.

Going back to my tip, Why its better to have a big group of friends. It’s because the car is only seven seater. If you have the exact number of person or friends with you, immediately they will go and start your once in a lifetime experience but if not I guess you have to wait for other people who will also be part of the car you are in to.

Sand boarding and viewing of the Dubai desert 


I did only pose (haha).Because I’m scared of falling down.  If you’re adventurous try this sand boarding activities.

Camel riding


They offer two option. One, if you wanted longer riding you will pay 20 aed, (10 minutes). But if you want to save your money use your package riding for about 2 or 3 minutes for experience.

Henna painting

Left side was include to your package but if you want to see a masterpiece just add a little bit of penny. The professional henna painter has many to offer a design for you. Whether in your hand, arm or even foot they can do that. Henna can last depends on how you wash your hands. If you think that it will cause you skin irritation you better not try.

More than 2 Entertainment Shows including: Tanoura Dance, Fire Show & Belly Dance & International buffet dinner, vegetarian and non-vegetarian with BBQ

He’re live performances that entertain you while eating your dinner. With regards to food I would say I’m not satisfied. Because on the said package included the buffet dinner. It should be divided to all tourist since you paid it. But in our scenario. Lack of food. We just ate fruits and pancit other than that nothing. Though we had veggie shawarma and spicy pasta for appetizer.

Fragrant shisha (Arabian water pipe) self-service

20170625_185724Yes, we had shisha in our package, but my colleagues bought this for 50 aed for unlimited usage and services.

Some other deals includes are complimentary Arabic Qahwa, coffee & tea,  and
soft drinks and water.

The overall experienced totally awesome.

Watch for the full adventure of our Desert Safari Adventure down below.


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