DIY: Old bedsheet to throw pillowcase. How to make “no sew” pillowcase.

Today, you get to see the crafty side. I have here two old pillow from Gee-Ann. An old stuffs ready to throw. I knew that I need to do something about this pillow. My imagination kills me every minute to think of this object, literally. So what I did was I search on I found out this kind of method that no sewing, just tie the slits in double knots all around.

Actually, my first DIY was from old polo shirts to pillow case. But I forgot to document everything. P

So I made another one to guide you on how to make this wonderful and useful pillowcase “no sew”.


  1. old/new foam
  2. Textile / old clothes
  3. Scissors


  1. Cut your sheet according to your desire shape of pillow.2. I choose square. If you want to add some messages for you loved-ones, better.


3. Cut the both corner.

4.Cut slits all around the edges.

5.Tie the slits in double knots all around. leave one side open

6. Place your old foam inside to the open side then continue to double knots.  And see what you’ve got.


Isn’t it amazing? Right? Though it test my patience before I came up like this. Sitting for almost three and half hours doing this thing. Very worth it. I waste my time for good.




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