HYU Restaurant (Birthday treat) 09/04/17

I think it’s easy to say that, surprise treats may sometimes be bad or good. It really depends on how they will take it. For someone like me, I don’t think whether it will be good or bad. The most important thing for giving a treat or surprises is you have to do it happily and of course it comes from your heart to give. Before you start reading our food blog about the restaurant. I just want to tell you one thing. Whenever you do something for your love ones do it without them knowing that it was you who made it all possible. Like for me I don’t regret doing such thing because it’s my birthday treat for my sister. And for some people they think that I didn’t do such things for her, I really don’t mind them. Because all of the things that I wanted to do is not by force, it comes with love and willingness to do it and once I’ve done such things I will be so happy and blessed. Now check out our food blog below. Enjoy Reading and hopefully learn to surprise your loved onesJoash.

HYU  Restaurant – review

Since It’s her birthday, we seek for the help of our mother and friend to asked her where she wanted to celebrate her birthday. As wish granted, we went to an authentic korean restaurant so called HYU.

When we saw the place, it wasn’t attractive. Then we enter, what a great surprise. There are common tables and chairs inside but there is more to offer. They have limited rooms exclusive for your friends and family. Fortunately, we already reserved the area.

20170409_200058This was the first time we ate in  authentic Korean restaurant. My babe and I, don’t know what to order. Even we checked the menu still we can’t indicate what it says (haha). We just had to wait for my sister to order for all of us.

20170409_200931We knew that she had ordered more. But it’s unexpected that we came up like this. The huge table wasn’t enough for the food because of some spices. We only saw this on flat screen watching them eating. Now, we experienced the way of Korean people eating hobbies (hehe).

Our starter was fried dumplings, I guest. Additionally,  they gave us one set of fried dumplings for free. We got two.

Second was the famous beef wraps Korean style,  Its has beef, lettuce, fish cake, kimchi, garlic and jalapenos in it. Prepare and cook for yourself. This dish was really good. again not quite sure about the name of the menu.20170409_201116Third was the Bibimbap. One of the fantastic, healthy Korean rice bowl with loads of crunchy vegetables.

20170409_200832Fourth, this noodles. If somebody knows what is this called kindly comment down below. It’s has unique taste, not so bad also not so good.

20170409_200842                    Fifth was this sweet chili chicken, so tender and delicious.

Lastly, I called this black spaghetti but it’s called Jajangmyeon Korean noodles. Same as noodles above it has a unique taste. The sauce was made from Korean black beans paste and veggies. The noodles was too chewy. Even-though it wasn’t meet my expectation. Still it was great experienced to try something new.

Overall,we rate this 3.5 out of 5. Try and visit there branch near you or search on zomato. The crew was so nice,while the food is also creative and feeds the diner’s curiosity.

What other food discoveries you can share with us?

Don’t forget to share :)till next time!!!


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