DIY – 2nd Anniversary

As we continue to our journey, last month we celebrate our second anniversary as couple. Three months ago, we planned to go somewhere else but unexpectedly it was cancelled. Maybe is not the right time but still we we’re happy.

April 3 – that was Monday. Actually I don’t have any idea how to surprise him. Big thanks to pinterest I found this. I saw this kind of display picture on one of the friend of Aze. I’m really impressed. Then  I started to realized, I want this. Not the exact design but my point of view is to make my own DIY craft.


Here’ s my own Do-It -Yourself Anniversary gift with the help of aze, 20170404_154431Our shared memories for the past two years.

For materials: You only need.

  • Pictures (8 landscape & 12 portrait to make heart). But it’s up to how big it is.
  • Tape (double sided very light).
  •  Sticky note if you want to make messages for your loved ones (optional, coloured paper).

In our heads, there are a lot things that we want to do. Sample is this. Just be playful and do it with affection. And in the end you will be satisfied on the result.

Aside from that we had unexpected dinner with the helping hand of Gee-ann and Aze. Totally I’m zero budget for the foods, only for the ice cream cake. We’re really thankful because in every time we make surprise. There they’re whose willing to cooperate with us.

Marinated chicken Ala Gee
Carbonara ala Gee

My babe came from basketball game. We took the opportunity to prepared all this stuff quickly. At around 10 P.M, the simple surprise begun.

We took dinner first came along with small chikka. After that here’s what happened next.

Last but not the least, the blowing of the candle. I dont know why we need to do that, but if its nothing I feel like incomplete. Hahaha, whatever. 20170404_145524Exactly 12 midnight we ate this little yummy ice cream cake. Very cute and delicious. Good for dessert right.


Eventually, We successfully blew out our surprises. All the efforts was worth it. It’s always fun to throw a surprise party for a loved ones, and planning and keeping it a secret is the best part of it!. But how will you surprise your loved ones, if he/she already knew it? Honest answer, just  proceed to your plan and you will see how happy they are cause they feel special. Don’t worry if the surprise turns out to be not so much of a surprise. It’s truly the effort that counts.

Babe (Bash) – Thank you for being you. Thank you for sharing your problems with me that makes me  feel that I’m part of your life. Thank you for being a honest person. You never felt me I’m outcast. You’re a rare, very valuable at the same time very fragile. Always remember your battle is my battle we fight together.

I don’t care too much what happened in the past. I would rather to focus on what is coming to us and I’ am really looking forward to it.

You’re are my happiness. And I don’t want my happiness vanish.

I love you so much Joash.




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