Bashienture’s 108: IKEA DUBAI

My babe and I went to a place wherein both of us doesn’t sure if we see what we’re looking for.

Part of our first quarter adventure was looking for bed mattress for new home. If you’re asking where was the old one. Our previous landlord provides us during the time we stayed at their place.

Now, we’ve been tried online shopping. Of course all product in there, but we’re quite sure about the quality of it. Also from the little penny that we have we want to make sure that the things were going to buy are worth it.

Mid of February, we went to a big warehouse wherein you could find furniture. If you take cab from Burjuman going to IKEA Dubai, Festival Mall it will take 20 minutes.


It’s really convenient for commuters like us. Easy access and plenty of cab’s waiting.

FESTIVAL MALL20170217_12323720170217_12331720170217_12333620170217_140252


First time we’ve seen a rolled bed  mattress. For us, it’s unbelievable. Very unique very innovative. We so much amazed.

IKEA Restaurant


Firs thing to do when you’re going to shopping is  to eat. No worries, IKEA they also offer delicious food at reasonable price. But if you want to save your money eat at home (hahaha).

In IKEA adventure there are plenty of furniture that suit to your budget and give you more perspective in terms of decoration your small space.

At the end of  the day, we had so much fun in learning new things. Probably someday we will apply this to our dream house.




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