ONE YEAR and counting

OMMGG!!! Yes yes today is our first year anniversary on doing blog as BASHIEN. Joash and I, wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for the support and liking our short stories. We really appreciate everything.

What we’ve learned on this journey of writing????

  • Learned that we have a lot of things in common as a partner and lovable couple.
  • We learned to be more creative in terms of taking good photo shots, making dishes and DIY stuffs.
  • We learned to be more sensitive for all articles that we published.
  • We learned that we have hidden talents that needs to develop.
  • We learned that it’s type of stress reliever for us. There are moments that we don’t want to talk about it but through this blog we can express what we want to say.
  • We learn every single day.

It’s really roller coaster journey. It’s a worldwide diary that everyone can read. We’re open for some advice and we want to continue trying something new .

Till next timeONE


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