rgStarted in simple question “Babe, nagdownload ka ba ng Mobile Legend?” (Babe, did you download   Mobile Legend?) I answered “Yes, but I also removed.”

It’s almost one week from now that we’ve been playing this particular game in mobile. Very entertaining and challenging. He introduced and taught me how to play well. So far, we aim now to become one of the best couple playing mobile legend.rg1

For us #relationshipgoal that involve patient, love, and support from both lovers. Couple who play to same kind of game tend to communicate better together. He talk to me like his best friend. One way of making  us feel relax. We will always be playing games together because its fun to play along with your loved ones. But let’s not accuse if you got lost in a battle. Just enjoy, put the smile on your face and give her/him some hugs and kisses whenever you played well and manage to win the game.

Till next time…



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