On the second part of our adventure (release soon). Food trip is everywhere.

We tried  the Max’s All about chicken a Filipino cuisineSituated at the food court of Deira City Centre. Our first time since we arrived here in Dubai. In the Philippine, Max’s is well known in it juicy, tender and delicious chicken with reasonable price.


Quite different here, If you are looking fancy and good ambiance try to look Max’s restaurant. Where they can assist you properly and give you good service. In food court area, where too crowded and multiple food vendors.

20170129_200743Well, Max’s didn’t disappoint me, with it comes to food quality. Though a bit delay of service. Still, we enjoyed our bucket meal chicken, bread,fries and rice.  20170129_200703

The very important part of eating this juicy and tasty chicken is that you will have to eat it by hand. And licking your finger tips like there’s nobody’s watching.Enjoy this food along with your friends.
Sponsored by: @livelovelaughofficial

What other food discoveries you can share with us?

Till next time!!!


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