Bu Qtair

This restaurant is very well known in seafood delicacy. They offer fresh Fried  Hammour, Shehri and shrimp. Situated near Burj Al Arab, St. 4D, opposite fishermans accomodation, Umm Suqeim, Dubai.


We’ve been here for several times. And time passed by we experienced the innovation of  their facility. From small to huge premises. Outdoor and indoor. Tip1: You should bring your patience cause you’ll experiencing  to wait a long minute  for  your order to cooked and space before you start your meal. But after all it’s worth it.

20170130_19420020170130_194212This small window, you could start choosing your fish and shrimp. Tip2:The price is depends on the kilo you choose, so better watch out. Then after that, stay for couple of minute and wait to call your name.

Now where is the rice and parratha? They only offered limited menu. Only this two fish, shrimp, rice, fish curry and parratha are available. For drink: soda and water. For sweet: ice cream over the counter.20170130_201204

The shrimp is quite spicy same as the fish. The fish curry is really delicious fit to deep everything. Though some part of the fish was not fully cooked. What we did, we brought it home and the  next day we fried again. Still the taste is there. 20170130_193940We recommend  to try and visit this restaurant. Not a fancy place, only fresh seafood. tip3: Bring any hand sanitizer. if your going to use you hands to feed yourself.

What other food discoveries you can share with us?

Till next time!!!


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