Bashienture’s 106: @Al Mamzar Park getaway

‘One of the best place here in Dubai they called Al Mamzar park. This getaway trip was extremely fun. We believe that sometimes the best moments are the ones you didn’t plan. 20170127_132125.jpgAl Mamzar park are unique in terms of environment, easy access to cities, affordable and it’s relaxing. We didn’t expect that this place is wonderful.

They offer barbecue area for those who well prepared and saved their penny. Also they have open beach area for free. 20170127_132133
Aside from that. They also offer swimming pools that cost 10 dirhams each person. 20170127_161304.jpgVery reasonable price. Why? based on our  experience. We saw three division of pool. for children 3 ft, for adult 5 ft and if you are very adventures you could try their 12 ft . Their pool is secure, lifeguards are everywhere. They have bleachers, big covered shower and changing room. Your money worth it for this surprise getaway.

12 ft
5 ft

After three hours of swimming. We explore some place of the park.

Children play area
food kiosk even accessories and clothing.
played music
place for groupie, selfie or additional attraction.

This park can accommodate thousand of people and make them happy and unwind. Many families and individuals visit here not because it’s cheap but because of the surroundings. You will appreciate the mother nature and meet new sets of friends.  It’s really nice that they build this kind of attraction give you stress free.

By the way, for only 5 dirham you will able to explore this beautiful place all in one.Just bring extra money if ever you get thirsty and hungry, snack-house are available everywhere.

facing Sharjah

Interesting, amazing and great day for us to experienced this kind of getaway. Ever since our day off was like black and white.Now, it gave us new bright color that represent positive vides and strength to explore something else. I realized, sometimes you need to step outside. Get some air and remind yourself of who you are and what you want to be.

till next time !! 🙂


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