One of the best tea shop situated in Al Satwa, Dubai is they called Chatime.  When the first time I heard this was  a bit weird. In the beginning I’m not a fan of sweet and cold. Aside from one bar of mars and sneakers, this is the only tea shop that gives me what i was looking for.  wp-1484659073135.jpgThe store is quite small. They can only accommodate 4 to 6 person, I guess. But the reason why people keeps coming back here is their tasteful tea and friendly staffs like her.
.You could dictate how much sugar level you wish, from 0/100 % .   wp-1484656123230.jpgThey already established their brand all over the world. Also in my country, my hometown, Philippines. It’s really great, right!20170118_144541.jpgWe ordered Matcha red bean milk tea & smoothie, Superior Cocoa, and winter melon with milk.wp-1484655950966.jpgThis won’t happen without our sponsor, our friend Gee-ann. Thanks for the treat by the way 🙂

What other food discoveries you can share with us?

Don’t forget to share :)till next time!!!


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