Glaze Donuts & Coffee

After the dinner at papa’s house. We went and bought something we really miss. With our joint force friends we dropped by to our favorite tea spot. But since the store was fully occupied by the customer. We looked around, we saw a donuts shop beside tea shop. It’s really great and very convince for us to found a midnight snack in unexpected trip. 20170117_165233.jpgAt the Glaze Donuts Coffee, situated near Satwa Roundabout, Dubai. They offer of course donuts and coffee. What amazed us, they also offer sweet rice, a very well know as  kakain in the Philippines. Another variety of foods that truly surprise your day.

wp-1484658636515.jpgAt home we enjoyed our donuts and delicious cold tea. We choose Matcha, Almond, Tiramisu and Oreo Donuts. All are obviously sweet and yummy. 🙂

What other food discoveries you can share with us?

Don’t forget to share :)till next time!!!



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