Gee @25: Unforeseen I


Four months ago before her birthday.  She travel alone to Dubai brought her big determination and motivation to survived. This new chapter of her life, I think was the biggest challenge so far. Being stranger to the foreign land and homesick are frequently felt to those who far away.

To celebrate her first birthday here in Dubai. One week before the actual date, we asked her  many time on what she had to prepare for us. She only said, ” I don’t have money .. etc..” We knew that she’s really pressured. But that was the part of the plan to distract her mind.

Day one, 7th of December:Birthday count down,we plan to surprise her in simple way.

At the same day, Gee- ann arrived at home look like exhausted, quite and very plain.To invade her mini- me zone, we request to the celebrant to cook her special Tapsilog and join us to watch movie while having a dinner.

Why the time is so slow that day?!We already had dinner, we went to cake shop (secretly) and then watched movie. We felt boredom. Still we had  two hours to wait before midnight. Great, Ate Chona and Hazelle arrived at home. They distracted and greeted the celebrant to keep lively. All of us continue watching the playlist movie till 11:50 pm.

Then the much awaited time, 12 midnight: we accomplished to surprise her.



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