DJ’s Concert in DUBAI

djThis was the first concert held  under “Holografik Entertainment” company.  The event was successful. From preparation, details to execution, everything was really smooth. img-20161201-wa0013IMG-20161201-WA0015.jpegimg-20161201-wa002920161203_000503img-20161201-wa0021IMG-20161202-WA0023.jpeg These two days event planned was for the 45th National Day  of UAE. For some reason, everyone are free to go since it’s holiday.20161128_172652.png

On the first day, The performer are William  Grigahcine known professionally as DJ Snake, is a French DJ and record producer. Plus some deejays : Stephen Grandi, Keza & Rafael Becker.


On the second day, Michiel Verwest better known by his stage name Tiesto, is Dutch DJ and record producer. Plus some deejays: Stephen Grandi & Hollaphonic.

These are the most memorable we experience before the year ends.We got free tickets on both events. The two nights event was tiring and at the same time we enjoyed.

My babe and friendsimg-20161204-wa0013img-20161204-wa0012img-20161219-wa001020161202_223252



In my own opinion on why it became successful.I guess, the determination of our head organizers, the support of our big bosses and most of all they enjoy. Hopefully  next  event, we maintain all the energy and eagerness to do much better.

Congrats! and keep it up guys! 🙂


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