First Day High!

Gee-Ann invited me to celebrate her first day at work. Its been such a long time she waited this opportunity to come.  When she announced that she will start, all we’re delighted. To celebrate her first day high, she treated us simple dinner and midnight snack.

We went to KORYO located at food choice Burjuman Mall (for food review)

Left: Gee-Ann (celebrant), mid: hazelle & right: me 🙂

During dinner, she shared experience on her first day. Same as mine, her first day at work was alright. Shake hands, knowing other colleagues, and check out her environment.

It was an out-of-her-comfort zone experience. A learning experience. A growing experience. She got to be exposed to new ways of thinking, and new people who were happy to teach her all about the company.

It happens with most of us. We do not understand the things told on the very first day at office. We have an expression of fear, happiness, confusion which we try to hide but in  vain. But as you get habituated with the work the things start becoming clear and clean. All you got to do is do your best and everything will work out.


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