Grill Corner

Hazelle and I, have been here for couple of times. but last fullmoon, father Trab treat us for dinner together with Gee-Ann (both new). These Filipino food dining located near Satwa Roundabout, Mankhool Road, Dubai can offer affordable price.




This cream soup is a good starter of the evening.



For appetizers, we tried there Lumpia Togue. They served as fresh hot cooked and very crunchy. Perfect for the flavored vinegar. And Calamarez, yes crunchy but the taste pure flour.


For the  main dish,  I ordered my favorite dish here Tapsilog. But I quite disappointed cause the last time I tried this was last April 2016 the serving was big. The plate was completely occupied and had whole egg. Thou the taste still there.

20161114_194444 Gee-Ann tried there, Chicken Sisig Silog. Based on what I heard from her. She also quite disappointed. As her reference, she is looking for something crunchy  and toasted chicken.

20161114_194604Hazelle tried there Chicksilog. Which had big amount of egg. Based on experienced she must prefer for Tocilog than this. Not quite tasty.

20161114_194615Father Trab tried the Amplaya con. So far, atleast on this I can say this is good. or just miss veggies 🙂 Everything on it was delicious.


For  his main dish, he tried Hammour. Very tantalizing food. If you are looking for seafood here are some of there seafood with rice dishes.


Overall, I can rate 3 out of 5. Bitter sweet satisfaction due to some consistency. It’s 2016, serving cost AED 10 – 35, not bad for those miser people like me 🙂 and  the staffs are friendly. I suggest that they should stick to old serving which every person prefer with huge servings. But at the end of the day, our empty stomach became happy bloated cause of many variation of food set in front of us.

What other food discoveries you can share with us?

Don’t forget to share :)till next time!!!


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