I’m Home

I don’t know how to make surprises but I really love to do it especially surprises that can make my babe so happy and excited. Sharing you now a very short story of how i much love to make it happen.

Yesterday when i was on site I’m so busy to finish all my work from the site in Oman. But what happened there or what my work there will not relate here.Anyways, last night when we arrived our place i talked to one of my colleague he asked me if We can move early and I said yes but i didn’t know what time that is. So i kept it secret because I’m planning to surprise my babe before she leaves for work or atleast meet her in the metro station,then we chat but i didn’t mention any plans in my mind.

I was dreaming that time that I’m already sleeping in my bed with my babe. But my colleague woke me up and said lets move now. I was shocked because its 3 am in the morning but i don’t have problem with my things because I packed it last night. I’m that kind of guy if i want something to happen I’ll make sure that I’m prepared always. Then I took a shower then we moved from Oman to Dubai. I was planning to message my babe that time to say good morning but i didn’t do it because i know she will asked me why i woke up so early.

So I thought of making it on time same of my alarm clock the usual time she wakes me up in the morning is 5:30 am. Me feeling excited and planning to make her morning as good as ever. we reached the border around 6:30 am then suddenly i feel sleepy (i didn’t sleep from the very time we moved until we reached the border) that time we are already 229 km away to our destination which is the nearest metro station to my colleagues room and i sleep the 202 km so i woke up having the 27 km balance left then he told me welcome to Dubai at first i didn’t notice but when i see the road i said finally I’m here the Lord God guided us the way to our loved ones and he didn’t allow any circumstances on our way back home. Then my colleague drop me in a mall and he gives me direction where to take metro station by bus or by taxi i chose taxi so that no harsh and much faster then i arrived at the metro station (green line) i message my babe asking where she is and what she is doing she told me that she just finished taking a shower. So i thought i would make it on time. But i only miss 5 mins to reach my babe at the exact metro station where i want to surprise her. Then i called her she said shes in the metro near her office already. Sad i didn’t make my surprise but i know my babe is happy because even if she didn’t see me atleast she is surprised that I’m here.


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