Feeling Strange

A few days ago, for some strange reason I was feeling very very sad and no matter what I tried to do, I just couldn’t get out of that funk. I guess I was overthinking about life and worrying about “problems” that, in actuality, don’t really exist. I figured that I was just having one of those days so I started listening to my current favorite songs, one of which was On Wake me Up – AVICII and immediately, I started feeling better. Its melody and music just have that feel-good vibe that puts me in a good mood every time I listen to it.

I guess it’s quite normal to feel blue on some days and there really isn’t anything that you can do about it except to sit back, relax and count your blessings. In my case, one of the things that really helps me get over feelings of negativity is the thought of the sky and being there with the people I truly love — my babe and family. Whenever I’m down, the memories that I have of me and my love ones replay in my head and instantly, I don’t feel so blue anymore.q


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