Pizza Hut “Triple Treat Box”

Last night, I only imagined to cook pizza bread but I realized we don’t have enough ingredients. So babe and I, ended-up to cook boiled eggs. When the eggs done, Hazelle come carrying big box of pizza. That was so surprising, right!… My tiredly body becomes alive and kicking. I don’t expect that we will have a delicious meal. Thank you so much Hazelle.
                                                              “PIZZA HUT – review”
We are really pizza lover when it comes to fully cooked pizza served hot and fresh. I’ve been spend most of my time dreaming about digging into a mouth watering slice of pizza. Fireworks are ignited.  And just like that, I’ve fallen in love once again to food.
Another great idea that Pizza Hut offered was a Triple Treat Box.  Their box featured 2 pizzas, potato wedge, chicken nuggets, and  for sweet tooth lovers they added 1 hershey’s cookie pizza.
First layer was the thick Cheeky Chicken Pizza pieces of  chicken, green pepper, onion, melted cheese and fresh tomatoes has a tangy flavor. While the second layer was my ultimate favorite. The thin Tropical Hawaiian Pizza pieces of ham, juicy pineapple and melted mozzarella cheese.  
20161018_200013The wedge and chicken are also delicious deep in creamy sauce.  The Hershey’s cookie dough pizza are sweet and softy.  
Well the dresser drawer of pizza concept was tantalizing.  Who wouldn’t want to slide out multiple drawers of magic, revealing created items with every tug or pull?  This whole Triple Treat Box  is about the drawer factor.
Overall, all created items are amazing. Just preheat the pizza if you would want to feel again the cheesiness. Then the price is affordable for 4 – 5 person.



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