Joash @27: extended

From the last night event. We  forced to wake up early to make the most of the facilities. Sadly, we’re late for almost 30 minutes for the free breakfast meal, time 7:00 AM till 10:00 AM. Well, since we have left over from last night we brought those foods in the pool. Still we enjoyed the day. The water from the pool was pretty warm. Good for the hangover.

When we got home I felt tired and a bit of headache. But still we need to continue the plans.

I’m going to keep my captions short, so enjoy the pictures.

Home surprise!

A surprise dinner from his dearest father in Asiana Hotel : LAMESA.


Of course a surprise party needs to be hidden, but this doesn’t mean you hide the fact that the Surprisee has a birthday. From trying to hide the idea of a surprise party, it might seem that everyone has forgotten the Surprisee’s birthday, and it’s important not to let them feel this; a ‘forgotten birthday’ can disappoint and hurt them. So talk about the subject of their birthday easily and calmly… possibly plan a small overt birthday party with them or take them on a small outing before the Surprise party to show them how much you appreciate the special occasion. The best way to be low key about a surprise party is to live life just the way you live it, make it seem like everything is at it’s usual and regular pace.


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