Joash @ 27: treasure moments ;)

It’s always fun to throw a surprise party for a love one, and planning and keeping it a secret is the best part of it!. But how will you surprise your love one, if he/she already knew it? Honest answer, just  proceed to your plan and you will see how happy they are cause they feel special.Don’t worry if the surprise turns out to be not so much of a surprise. It’s truly the effort that counts. They will love you for simply putting the surprise together.So if you’ve got someone special in mind and want to surprise them, read on…

left: Hazelle & right: Gee-Ann

These two lovely ladies  is really vital to accomplish the plans. We throw a surprise party in the great outdoors. Hazelle and I, wants to book in the hotel features with a pool. So ahead of time we book at The Regal Plaza Hotel – Mankhool Road ,Bur Dubai (hotel review is next in  line). And Gee – Ann was the head chef . Obviously, Joash favorite dish is always a good bet.

Since, he felt something. I told him, were planning to celebrate his birthday at the house. To distract him, we bought his  favorite dish together and talks some white lies about the surprise to avoid suspicion.

When the final day came. Thursday morning, we waited for him to leave before we set-up everything because the party will  start dinner .I started to decorate on his wall. Put a little attention into beautifying it. Gee-Ann was busy on preparing all her ingredients for the food. And Hazelle will be responsible for the cake and others.

20160915_0902401img-20160919-wa0058 img-20160919-wa0056

At around 4:00 in the afternoon. Gee-ann and I, went to the hotel to check in. Then suddenly my phone ringing. Guest what! the celebrant was calling and informed me that he went home early and is about to reach my office. I was shock cause the hotel was too far from the office.I said,”just wait me at the lobby, I’m busy”.

At that time, he never stop calling me. I left immediately to the hotel. Ran fast as I could. Unfortunately, he caught me that I wasn’t in the office. He was mad at me. To lighten up, I treat him burger and fries. While he eating, I  discuss about the treasure hunt games. At first, he really don’t want the idea  because  he was exhausted from work. But how we can get in to hotel if he don’t want to cooperate, hmmmmm.img-20160905-wa0021

Thankful, the banner was left in the house. The banner was the way to hotel.Since the hotel one station away from house.When I saw his face like a beast. I gave it and walk-out. I left him but not too far I saw him opened the banner,made us smile.20160913_1540261We reach early in the place. But don’t yeah worry. We reserved two rooms. In the other room, Gee-ann and Hazelle were busy on decorating the area. While the other side, babe and I we’re resting.

After one hour, I received  messages from them.Sign to start the party :).



img-20160919-wa0066Before the count down, babe’s friend came and brought us some beverage and gifts for him. We celebrate all night.

















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