Bashientures 104: Exploring the Thursday Night

It wasn’t perfect but it was great experience for us. Last Thursday night  we went to Dubai Mall with my babe, hazelle, and newly cast Gee-Ann, Hazelle bestie. The night was fun-tastic. The weather is fine. And we are blessed to feel this way.

Dubai mall is the  biggest mall in UAE
This mall has something for everyone. If you are not driving, you can access the mall by metro,link connects the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall station to the mall, or you can hop on one the many RTA buses running.From the moment you enter the Dubai Mall the hustle and bustle of the millions and trillions of people is an atmosphere that will blow you away. Many Kababayans meet up here.

Gee – Ann, Hazelle & Me – Photographer: Joash
Our first stop, California Pizza Kitchen, one of the best restaurant located lower ground of the mall (for food review). The ambiance very warm, service is good and foods are very delicious. 20160825_203030[1].jpgGoing across the bridge by that allures your attention to the fountain showScreenshot_20160828-123719[1]Screenshot_20160828-123729[1]Next the Dancing fountain show occurs every half an hour starting from 6pm, the blend of music and a dancing water show is beautiful and refreshing in the mist of the humidity the country upholds. It is truly breath taking.

20160825_20515820160825_202830[1]The Dubai Mall  experience is beyond anything one could ever say, it’s something worth seeing in person!

20160825_211443 From the walkway of culture, taste, and the convince of booking your tour packages and exchanging money to the electronics shops shunning their deals left right and center, to the cookie shops, little coffee shops and the glorious designer shops, Fashion avenue and the rich jewelry shops on the lower ground level from different cultures and parts of the world. The Dubai mall is where you want to spend it.So let us explore the wonders.

At around 10pm we decided to went home.  But before that we took a cab going to LuLu hypermarket to bought butane gas. This wasn’t expected but this was really fun the joyride adventure. First time, we accidentally lost. It should be From  Lulu – Al Karama to Burjuman bus station, unfortunately it wasn’t happened. Unexpected tour to Gee – ann and also to us.

We dropped at the Union Station and rode a train going back to Burjuman. Then we went nearest store to bought some bed night snack  and foods for tomorrow day-off. After that, we finally reach to our home. So much relaxing and homely.

Of course, our Thursday night didn’t end yet we continued to celebrate at home until 4 in the morning. Hanging out with our new buddy was absolutely awesome. And we know that she will also enjoy staying here in Dubai. (Marhabaan bikum fi dubay) means Welcome to Dubai. 


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