25th Birthday part II

On the sixth day, Friday. A very relaxing day for us. We usually used our day Рoff as a bed rest. We woke-up late afternoon and do some household routine. Hazelle made a day very special she cooked Shrimp Penne Alfredo. This recipe will be next inline. We really enjoyed the food and while eating we shared our moments to each other. A good life is a collection of happy moments :).

Shrimp Penne Alfredo
On Saturday evening, the night before my birthday, I honestly had no idea what to expect, but Joash(my babe), Hazelle and a friend did such a beautiful job planning and decorating a great dinner. (Thanks babe, bhii  and ate cho) After two hours of arguing to my babe before I got home. I walked in to see balloons on the floor, a few of my favorite Korean food!20160813_210346[1].jpg 20160813_210316[1]20160813_210329[1]I squealed with joy. Another surprise, Gift in the bed20160815_114250[1]20160814_193820[1]

We ate, listened to some Korean music, and laughed as the night was off to a beautiful start. ¬†It’s safe to say that I have the greatest friends EVER who truly know the way to my heart.After we ate, we cleaned- up messy table and ¬†popped some of big blue balloons. This were the only left.¬†20160813_215249[1]Honestly, after we cleared everything I had took a nap but¬†it goes to long journey in my dreams. I was slept. The following day, I asked to my boss to took under-time to celebrate my birthday. Also, I greeted him same a Happy Birthday Sir! and shake hand gesture. After a short chat he granted my request.

On last day, Sunday evening. The last blast on my birthday. We bought cake, ice cream and we ordered bucket meal to a fast food delivery.¬†20160815_115616[1]20160815_115452[1]Needless to say, I had the perfect birthday weekdays and weekends. And it is all thanks to my handsome babe, sister, and friend. I am seriously grateful for everyone who made my birthday as one of the most memorable things in my life that i will never forget. From all the planning to the greetings alone, I couldn’t have asked for a better long week. I am feeling so loved and ready to take on 25 stronger than ever before.

Gift received:IMG-20160813-WA0001[1]20160811_205944[1]20160811_210001[1]IMG-20160814-WA0000[1]20160811_205828[1]


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