25th Birthday part I

This past week I celebrated my 25th birthday. I got to spend it with my closest friend and with my babe . I am so blessed to be surrounded by strong and loving people that always keep me grounded and smiling.


We started to celebrating my birthday on last Sunday August 7 and ended-up exactly August 14. Our First day was fun, Aside from shopping Hazelle treat us at California Pizza Chicken. My babe also work there when he was in the Philippine. He shared with us how to do some stuffs like the pasta, salad and etc. This newly opened outlet at Burjuman is very nice. There are lots of american style simple wooden furnishings and pipes on the ceiling. Long seating area inside.

Our experienced here was awesome. The staffs are very polite like Ms. Carmela. There Salad was incredible. Every bite you will feel the softness of veggies and tomatoes then a little twist of chips inside is very perfect for your appetizer. I love the yummiest of Cheeseburger Pizza and Lasagna very eager to eat. The smell makes you giggling. For one order servings will be 2 or 3.

After we ate, they gave us three voucher. In one voucher you choose one appetizer or dessert for free but you need to buy one of their main dish as well.

Second day, Monday was a simple day with simple meal . We were just resting ourselves. laying on the bed and watching some Filipino series and news. That day, we dont wanna feel like doing anything. We just wanna lay in our bed. I received an advance gift from my babe , A Lazy pad 🙂 we tried it.

Third day,Tuesday a fast food delivery  so called Southern Fried Chicken. Well, lets say its almost the same as KFC. The thing is, the fried chicken itself is more crunchier and crispier than KFC. We all know that KFC has this smooth and flavory fried chicken, and KFC gives us unlimited GRAVY which is so awesome, while SFC only providing garlic sauce or ketchup

on Fourth day, Wednesday night was our triple movie date. We watched squad goals or let me correct Suicide Squad at Al Ghurair Mall.  Since we have leftover chicken we ate first before we leave.The showing time was 9PM and ended around 11Pm. This movie is a great movie to watch late night hehehe.

On the Fifth day, Thursday was the second time we went to CPK. While waiting, hazelle gave me a huge box of doughnut KRISPY KREM five flavors on it. With the saying Happy Birthday Ate!!!

We used the 2 given voucher. We ordered  again the salad then another variety of pizza and pasta. Guess what, we have free appetizer and dessert.


Garlic Cream Fettuccine
Chicken Fajita
Original BBQ Chicken Chopped


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