Bashienture’s 103: Household shopping

Last Sunday, we went to one of the largest hypermarket chains here  in Dubai the burjuman-jollibee“Carrefour”.  This hypermarket will completely open soon. Located in the heart of Dubai, BurJuman is a distinctive landmark comprising mixed-use space including the shopping mall, business tower, hotel suites and duplex residences.

So now, what stuffs we bought there? 🙂

First, the reason why we went there was to bought a vacuum cleaner for the carpet. Second, the cloth hanger stand for office clothes.Third, 3 tier shoe rack for the bunch of shoes.
And lastly, small stuffs for hygiene.

These things will help us not only to  clean but also to maintain the good look of our very tiny room. We wanted our room to look good as new everyday. Keep always clean before going to work and bed. The good thing of this is that, we both like organised  and clean. And would always want our visitors to feel at home.

Till Next time!! 😀





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