bashienture’s 102: Pick up day

Saturday was the pick-up day.We are all really excited to have our own magic carpet!!. 🙂

Not literally magic carpet guys, okay. But It feels like you are in the field of outdoors game like golf, soccer and many more. At it shown to the picture, the texture and color itself  you would really imagine its like a grass. Actually that was not the original plan. We choose the much more darker (blue-green) but it was not available. If that happened to other people which  too much oozy they would not accept that. But for us we choose to be open minded and understand. Also, the owner itself was nice.


Our pick up time was 7:00 pm. From Burjuman we took taxi going Naif Road again. Since it was Saturday less traffic we payed only 25.00 AED. When we were in the cab, hazelle and I had a small game. If carpet was fold  I won but if it was roll she won 🙂 I gave the consequence. If someone lost, will have a hard pinch of the ear, ahahah :D.2016-08-09_10.11.44[1]

The result was she won. But Prior to that I already pinch here cause I know it was fold and the owner told that.Then when we were reach to our destination. The carpet was appeared outside the store written 29 x 34 and rolled. I was surprised. I did not expect that to happened. I’m avoiding her till she cannot touch me then I said sorry :D.The owner shown up, i asked him “why is not fold?” He replied “I can fold”. but still rolled.

Later on, when the transaction was done, we looked for a taxi. That was so hard. It takes time cause we had heavy load. All taxis were ignoring us. We walked across the street, too much sweat running out of our body at the same time there was sand storm. After 30 minutes of waiting,  An old man offered his pick-up car to be rendered. We pay him 50.00 AED for his kindness. He dropped us properly and gave his number if in case we will be needing his service again.

Hazelle and I dropped to nearest fine dinning to bought dinner and Joash dropped to his destination.


For all the hardship we faced we rewarded ourselves with super yummy dinner meal. PIZZA AND LASAGNA. Afterwards we started to fix our room, by removing all the things on the floor and shifting and lifting the double deck.

It was fun and challenging for us how to fit the carpet. Cause it was not literally suit to the size of the room. They throwing their suggestion and ideas that was fantastic. After all, we were happy at the same time we have interconnection to each other. That was awesome experienced. 2016-08-08_16.09.17[1]

Till next time!! 😀

Special thanks

Photo Credits: Hazelle  (

Co – editor : Joash (


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