Bashienture’s 101 :Simple thoughts happy life :)

Thirteen days from our previous blog. We talked about our new sweetie home. Last Thursday night we went to Naif Road, Dubai to purchased carpet. We took train from Burjuman going to Union and from there we took taxi going to naif road.  Naif Road is an old road in Dubai, quite famous. It is purely a residential area mostly from Indian subcontinent. But now, since the influx and being an open city, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Nepalese, Chinese nationals, and from African. You will see a lot of business there like car parts, restaurant, textile, furniture and etc…
After a long period of time of walking we finally saw the carpet store. We thought on the same day we can get our order. Unfortunately, the owner said “You can get  on Saturday cause we’re going to close now and tom / Friday is our day-off”. Sadly but a little bit of excitement and happy cause we have already a carpet yeheyy!! …
So after the negotiation. We took again taxi going to our next stop  LULU Super center Al Karama branch. Where you can find household utensils and many more. Our next mission was bought portable gas stove. Fortunately, is available. We also bought some household utensils like knife, scissor and even bowl. After that we went home.
Just relaxed for couple minutes and then  we tried the portable  gas. We cooked maling and egg rolls together with  kikiam.


And finally its work 🙂



We faced the 50 Degree hit, stood and walked in the middle of city.We were so hungry and tired but more adventures and happy thoughts remain for us.

We always wanted to go home. To lying on the Bed. Hugging the pillow and comforter. To unwind and to think more positive vibes. Everything for us are refresh  and brand new. For almost two weeks staying in that place we can say that we’re comfortable. We learned and compromise each others needs. Since then we enjoyed much of being independent. Of course this happened for a reason and this is happening to us or for you guys also because it is what you called Gods Will.
Till next time 🙂   



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