A bad day only lasts 24 hours

Last Saturday morning, exactly 2 AM we were terrified.

We were resting at that time, all lights are off, all of us was in the bed except him. He was walking and walking all alone for couple of minute.Then we heard 3 times of strong slamming of door came from main door of our house. We live in flat building, we have lots of neighbors around us. Luckily, no one reported to the police.

My babe and his sister stop him but he refused. That  moment was the beginning of our nightmare. Begin of fighting, shouting and run away from him. He throwing of words out of his mind. He didn’t care anything except himself.

A moment that we never knew that would happened to us.

As a witness. I saw his drunken master moves the way he hit his children.

He hit his eldest son by strangle, pushing away and even throwing of arm chair to his head.

Also, he hit his daughter by forcing out of his ways to continued hit his son.

His daughter was acting the referee of the two.

I only stood and looking at them. I don’t what to do. Im suck. I don’t know where to start. I never saw like this before.

I think we are on traumatized level ,why? On the last part, he went to kitchen to grab a knife. Fortunately, we closed the kitchen area. Then we escape immediately.

We don’t have anything except the 2 cellphone.  They call their friends asked for a place to stay. And thanks them who save us from the nightmare. They gave us money,slippers, t-shirt,and a shelter to stay.         

Yesterday, morning at around 6 AM. We went back to the house to took some of our clothes and personal matters like I.D, passport and money. On the same day,we went out looking for a new home to stay for just the three of us.



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