Unforgettable Work Experience

After two year and 2 months in my first job, I am embarking on a new adventure.

Working at Market- Market – Ayala Malls  was a dream come true. I had never wanted to work anywhere else. Resigning, then, was one of hardest decisions I have ever made.

M2 gave me not only the chance to be seen my ability to lead, but also to knew better me.

I also feel privileged to have worked with some of the highly personnel, in a conference room that values merit above all else. I respect and look up to as colleagues inspired me to constantly improve my skills. Many of my M2 colleagues have become my closest friends, people I will miss terribly.

When i looked  for Internship, one of nearest company at our school was the M2. Also, I tried to apply some company. But only M2 offered me a good deal. They gave me  P 150.00 Allowance per day. And 500 steps only away from school. sound wow, right!

Then after fulfilling my OJT, Ms. Ron – HR Manager. She let me continued my time to work with them. I’m so happy cause I feel worthy. They allowed me to stay until one day she talked to me privately and she asked if i would like to apply as a part of operation team.

I feel so honoured, God loves me in mysterious ways. So that time, I cannot believe that was happening to me. Then after graduate M2 hired me way back in 2013, young, inexperienced, unsure if I would make it in this company. But because the company believed in me and gave me countless opportunities to grow, I became competent, confident, and always hungry to make something of myself.

Leaving M2 is difficult, but I realised now is the time to take risks, to do things I have never done before, and to expand my horizons.

I look forward to myself together with my love ones: Dubai.

Thank you for two years bitter sweet and beautiful experience, M2.


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