Ramadam (The Holy Month)

We have been familiar with the traditions of Ramadan.Throughout this season sometimes you feel fine and on the others you feel the thirst more.

Being surrounded by Muslim friends, we respect their belief  on how they celebrate the Ramadan days. You will also hear from your neighbors and friends even in social media the word “Ramadan Kareem” and  “Ramadan Mubarak” used as greetings (Kareem means generous and  Mubarak means blessings).

We asked some of our friends  about this beliefs. That during Ramadan, their God named Allah  revealed the first verse of the Quran to the Prophet Mohammed – Peace be Upon Him, and honour the holy month with prayer, fasting and charity.

Fast means not  to eat and drink  included water. Fasting is  obligation for all Muslim who have come of age. But those who are ill, pregnant, breastfeeding, and have menstruation are excused, but must make up the days later on. Also their abstain from smoking.

While for non- Muslim are not required to fast, they are legally obliged not to eat, drink or smoke in public places (for respect). If you break the rules, you probably receive a verbal warning. Of course you may eat and drink behind closed doors and some hotel and restaurant serve food behind screened – off areas. And most fast food chain only take away during daytime.

Other things must be remember during special month.

  1. No music in public during the day as Muslim listen to Quran recitations,
  2. The dress code is intensified.
  3. No public display of affection.
  4. Shorter working hours (6 hrs)
Non-Muslim are also often invited to Ramadan feasts. Ramadan isn’t all about abstinence. Post-sunset dinners during Ramadan can be decadent feasts. Called “if tar,” the fast-breaking meal is open to non-Muslim.

Ramadan is a time of reflection and calmness, a time to slow down and connect with friends and family.


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