House Beef Steak con Vege ala Trab

Every meal has its own taste, smell, and nutrients that we can get from it.But before we get through this delicious  meal. Let me give you short flashback.

Prior we got home from work, we dropped by in the biggest grocery store nearby to our house. Together with our dearly father Trab and hazelle. We were bought some stocks for at-least a week.When we were there, we went first on personal hygiene, considering that was the first row. Of course, we get some stocks that would be necessary. Little by little, we separately looking for our needs. Afterwards, when hazelle get close to us, cause the push cart was in our hand. She saw the chicken and she said that,”chicken again”, with sad face. Minutes past,she smiled and talked to our dearly father that she wants beef steak, and that it. No sound of contrary, no face of hesitation, he took the ingredients by himself.

We called “House Beef Steak con Vege ala Trab”.

Apparently hazelle wanted the beef steak like what our father cooked before, so then again we saw the happiness in hazelle’s face. You know whats good about the food we ate that time. This all made by our father his own recipe and own style of cooking and he also named his dish for us, House Beef Steak con Vege ala Trab. By the word itself House means cooked inside the house and con vege because it has vegetables not like other beef steaks we usually have in restaurants, and trab of course our fathers nickname.IMG_2923[1]

You will feel relieve and stress free because of the smell and also you can feel the meat that its so juicy and full of flavors. When you’re on a diet you’ll probably say, okay i’ll skip gym. tomorrow I will go and I will double my daily routine, because you cannot resist this kind of food. This is a kind of this dish you wouldn’t want to miss. Like hell no. I want to eat because this really taste good and smells good. And that’s how exactly it was. When you suddenly realize that we are all eating in a silent manner. And then you will add another cup of rice to your plate. That feeling when you feel like your almost full but you don’t want to stop. It’s hard. But thankfully we finished our food with a happy smile. Okay that’s the end our story.IMG_2924[1]

And please don’t forget to tell us your story, comments & reactions and share us your very own beef steak dish. Ciao. God bless everyone.



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