Bashienary 2020-01: Describe 2020

In one word how will you describe 2020, year of the RAT?

My answer is  BOMB/GRENADE.

When the year started, there were too many news came-up and explode. He’re my top bomb list  based of my knowledge and research.

A. Mt. Taal – Philippines. Mid of January this mountain gave the possibilities to erupt anytime. Spewing out ashes and lava for more than a week. The ashes flown up to Manila area.  Too many residence and business were affected. Also some animals like horse, goat, pig, chicken and many more. Its affected  their source of income, shelter and health. The local authorities and some LGU extended their hand to accommodate the needs of affected families.

credit to: Coffee_dante (

B. Who will forget the legendary basketball player “24” KOBE BRYANT – the Black Mamba. For me, its big bomb. All over the world gave a sympathy to those families who was left from the helicopter crash accident. According to news, that aside from Kobe there more victims were died on the said crash together with his daughter, some other classmate, coach/parent and pilot. Everyone felt their lost, sending their support through social media, sending prayers,  flowers and letters. His memories will remain on us. Would like thank him for showcase his talent, skills and sportsmanship during his time. Hoping that his at peace right now together with his loved-ones in heave.

Photo: @NBA/Twitter

C. The Pandemic virus coming from Wuhan China, Coronavirus (COVID-19) is extremely scary. We thought, this one will not take any longer up to this date. The current stats as of , May 14th  total cases all over world is more than 4 Million, recoveries 1M and the death is 300, 000 (estimated) . source link:


I will make a diary only for Covid-19. But for now, this is my top 3 bombshell. Though I have more but I prefer not to include cause its too personal. Literal broke my heart into tiny pieces, In silent Im still crying and asking why?  I have now trust issue.  On the other part, I am happy and grateful that my loved-ones still fine.

We are almost touching the half year of 2020, hoping that before end of the year we have already invented medicine who will fight on this pandemic. So we can slowly turn back way used to be. Baby mice please have mercy on us.

To all Front liners out there, we are so proud of you!! during this outbreak your showing  us an encouragement, faith, and hope to survived . We knew that your tired, having lack of sleep, your not able to go home instead you stayed where your duty was. No proper meal time. Lack of PPE. Most important, was not seeing your families.

Always remember that, God has plan for you/us. He will not give this to us without any reason. He will reward your sacrifices at the end of the day. Thank you for your love and effort to served and assist the people who needs help.

Till next blog.

Mwuahh – Bashien.






Dampa Seafood Grill

Welcome back to our food blog 2020. Before this pandemic era came. I would like to share this with you our food experience here in Dubai. Actually this post was pending a long time ago. Funny story here, is that when we were going to eat i must choose to eat than to take photo. Really?? yes, because before you enter you must take the long Que. From Thursday night to Sunday/Monday this area was fully booked. My patience has limit when Im super hungry (bear with me guys).

These was one of the best place to eat seafood aside from Bu Qutir. Its has authentic taste, savory and extraordinary, in my opinion.

Today’s in bashiendine, This food review has sentimental value. The image was captured four years ago, 2016.


Every time I’m going to post this, there was something holding me back. Now I have the answer. Maybe because of our father, he marked this place for us with a phrase “Makita ko lang kayong  kumakain busog na ko / ((Seeing you all eating, I’m full with smile face), then everybody laugh 🙂 Without sugar coated the food was really awesome.

They called this place “home of seafood” situated at Port Saeed Tower B Clock Tower, Deira, Dubai. So called  Dampa Seafood Grill. We been here having family dinner, celebrate birthday, and even regular weekend.


Our Favorite dish was Cajun Seafood, taste like garlicky, sweet, oily and add the hidden spicy. Extremely delicious. Its budget friendly, for 2 – 3 person you can enjoy their special dish Maybe around 145 – 150 AED with two drinks.

Aside from  that they have calamaris, pusit, stuffed baked mussle, and so on.


Because of our current situation now (COVID – 19) everyone is affected. especially the small businesses. We are hoping for the best that they still operate in the middle of world crisis.This review was not pay by them to promote their delicacy. We just wanted to help them in simple way through this platform.

Till next blog..

Mwuah- Bashien.





TWO YEARS and counting

This year MAYBE the toughest. Over the past two years of blogging we encountered many trials and failures in terms of physical, emotional,mental and financial.

Now, Why we keep blogging? Why we still sharing our ideas/thoughts/experiences to others?

God give us strength everyday. As soon as we wake up, God give us free will to do all things what we want. And God give us love in any aspect of life.

Why we keep blogging – To unleashed the negativity of our lives. Through written/blogging we have the strength to tell our stories in our own way to educate others and learn from our mistake. This also, keeps our memories from the past. We can’t turn back the time but we can captured the moment and pause a minute together with our loved ones. And will keep as a good memories thru the next generations. 30232306_2021005601554017_360097091_o







How we prevent this kind of emotions??

Life is full of surprises.

People may come and go for a reason.

Hatred, jealousy, bitterness and disrespect are some reason of complication to humanity.

How we prevent this kind of emotions??

1. Hang out with happy people. You laugh until your jawline aching and suddenly you have teary eye (Tears of Joy). Your mind and body are connected to your emotions. Do not feed yourself into situation that may cause of negative vibes.

2. Explore. Go somewhere or do anything that you have not done yet. Places or things that unwind your mind. And teach you how significant the people you hate the most.

3. Give yourself “meTIME”. Think slowly, once in a while. Recall, why did you fight and why this situation has taken place. And try to think for resolution if you can.

4. If you have the courage to talk to your foe, about your hatred in good way is better. Rather than to make gossip. But people nowadays well educated. They knew what is fake news or fact. For those Tsismosa, think hundred times – Karma will follow (peace talk).

5. Seek for advice. Do not hesitate to ask other opinion. It’s not bad to ask. More likely, gives you more ideas on how you face the situation. And end of the day, depend on you which advice or thought will you follow. As human being you have freewill.

6. Respect yourself in the way you want. If people who see you disrespectful, you allow them to treat yourself like rubbish. And no one will listen to you. Educate yourself about your surroundings. Avoid being ignorance.

7. Take a few deep breaths when you start feeling jealous. Stay off social media. And go back to number 4. (applied)

8. Forgive and forget is often easier said than done, but holding a grudge against someone will only bring you down. The more you focus your anger and resentment toward someone else, the more those feelings will become a part of you. Even if you think you’ve pushed it to the back of your mind, it’s still there, affecting you. When someone hurts you or betrays you, don’t hold on to your anger. Address it immediately. Stand up for yourself, let the person know how he or she hurt you, and move on. Leave those feelings with him or her, instead of carrying them around and becoming bitter.

Generally speaking, EGO or PRIDE hindrance of all this prevention. To be honest, leading me pride often. I’m not perfect nor good.  But I want to create a happy life with healthy surroundings away from hatred. I’m trying to understand each single day of my purpose in life. If my life has a significant to others or other way.


MENUFor 2018, first food blog review. A dinner treat of our Father Trab. We ate at the ZOUZOU Restaurant situated La Mer, Jumeirah 1, Dubai.

This restaurant is well known for their Turkish and Lebanese delicacy. No sponsor and honest review only.

From our previous blog we introduced to you the new landmark called La Mer. 

( ).


As you can see in the photo, there are lots of people waiting for their turn to have their table. And Yes we’re one of them. Fortunately, we did not experiencing the long wait. The receptionist was nice to us. She accommodate us properly.

1The ambiance was so really nice. From outdoor and even indoor design was fancy. It felt good vibes.

For appetizer, they ordered Zouzou Mix Platter combination of bread with humus, babaganus, muharnara, vine leaves, cacik, and acili ezme. The food is quite amazing, you will definitely love the taste and will make you full. They served bread as much as you like.If ever, you don’t like spicy dip don’t even try to ask for it.

Followed by Calamari Fried. This food is legit calamari unlike others they pour more flour and nothing to taste. The Garlic + walnut sauce on the side is so good. A bit of creamy, sour and garlicky.

For Pizza + meaty lover, they ordered Meat Pizza. Pizza tomato sauce, spices, mozzarella cheese, meaty, and cherry tomato. It’s too much flavor that runs to my mouth. It’s superb.

Now, I’m not quite sure what exactly this is, but i know that it was grilled. We had 2 order, on the right side it has kebab, chicken, special bread, tomato and  fried rice. And the other side was Lamb Chops (correct me if I’m wrong). It was too tender, savory, smoky and delicious.


for our cold drinks, four of us we ordered Homemade Lemonade flavored Mint And one avocado shake . Don’t forget the cute bottle water.

Overall, based on our experience from the staff and services we give them 9 out of 10 rate. Though it was busy at the moment, they gave us a good service. We enjoyed everything set in-front of us. We will recommend this ZOUZOU Restaurant. The prices are reasonable and the staffs are friendly. Perfect for dates, lunch out, occasions, and even regular days. Just visit ZOUZOU near you. 🙂


 Next food blog review @Manna land

Manna land

What other food discoveries you can share with us?

Till next time!!!


Bashienture’s 010: La Mer, Dubai

Our first family adventure for 2018 was really amazing and colourful. last weekend, we went to the heart of Dubai so called – La Mer, Jumeira Dubai. Guess what! This  area was opened to the public on 4th quarter of 2017, very refreshing right!

It’s fun to begin with simple dinner invitation from our Father Trab. We didn’t expect to go here at this moment. Then suddenly, Bash sister recommend this place. Bash and I don’t have any expectation at this place. And when we arrived at this place we’re literally amazed


If you’re going to park at basement they have 500 and more than to offer for parking slot. The first view that you’ll encounter is this area. Their lightning design, its warm. Timely, the weather forecast for Dubai is winter. Good for outdoor activities.

Now, What La Mer can offer to us. 

La Mer is well known for  water play, beach sports, in addition to skate boarding, an outside gym and youth activities. Since we visited at night. La Mer has a unique attractions specifically build up structure for dining, shopping and some land activities. At this moment the water activities are closed.

From Facebook page 

Light up your weekends at La Mer! Enjoy dazzling fireworks to celebrate DSF opening and closing nights and every weekend throughout. Spend AED 200 at La Mer this DSF and be one of two lucky families to win an all-inclusive holiday to the Maldives*.💙


Fireworks schedule:

18th, 19th January – 9pm
25th, 26th, 27th January – 9pm

We also experienced the dazzling fireworks at the beach. for three years, I miss the smell of fireworks, hehe.

Aside from wonderful craft of La Mer. Some people especially to high profile they brought their cutest and cool toys to the public. You can make selfie or take a photo of it.

Overall, our experienced was not yet the total capacity of this place. Most probably we are coming back here in a different point of view. And we will try some water activities.

for our next food blog review @ZOUZOU


Till next time!!


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Bashienture’s 109: Desert Safari, Dubai

groupie 1On a holiday, we spent our time to out of town getaway so called Desert Safari. One day tour with full pack of excitement and fun. We brought them to an extra miles. As a first timer, this adventure was one of the unforgettable experience so far.

To begin with, Joash booked in advance. We knew that price difference was pretty massive.So, a week ago before the tour day. He saw good offer including all the activities for only 55 AED per head.

Let the journey begin.

The Desert Safari tour has pick up bus. They will pick you up with mini bus or 30 seater vehicle. Tip: It’s better to travel along with 7 person. Why? you will found out later. No limitation if you want to be alone on your trip. Our call time was three in the afternoon. Waiting area located in Deira City behind Day to Day, in-front of Mosque.

We came early to the said place, so what we did? We took groupie.CL

After thirty minutes of waiting finally the bus arrived. We occupied the back seat of the bus since we are the biggest group among the tourist.


Here are the package includes to our adventure.

Desert driving and dune bashing in 4WDs by professional drivers.EDITgroupie4

When we reach our destination, I thought we were there. The SUV vehicle was the transportation going to middle of the desert. End of the roller coaster ride is the camp of safari. Where most activities are happening. I cant really imagine what I have experience in the car. I thought we’re gonna fall on the sands.

Going back to my tip, Why its better to have a big group of friends. It’s because the car is only seven seater. If you have the exact number of person or friends with you, immediately they will go and start your once in a lifetime experience but if not I guess you have to wait for other people who will also be part of the car you are in to.

Sand boarding and viewing of the Dubai desert 


I did only pose (haha).Because I’m scared of falling down.  If you’re adventurous try this sand boarding activities.

Camel riding


They offer two option. One, if you wanted longer riding you will pay 20 aed, (10 minutes). But if you want to save your money use your package riding for about 2 or 3 minutes for experience.

Henna painting

Left side was include to your package but if you want to see a masterpiece just add a little bit of penny. The professional henna painter has many to offer a design for you. Whether in your hand, arm or even foot they can do that. Henna can last depends on how you wash your hands. If you think that it will cause you skin irritation you better not try.

More than 2 Entertainment Shows including: Tanoura Dance, Fire Show & Belly Dance & International buffet dinner, vegetarian and non-vegetarian with BBQ

He’re live performances that entertain you while eating your dinner. With regards to food I would say I’m not satisfied. Because on the said package included the buffet dinner. It should be divided to all tourist since you paid it. But in our scenario. Lack of food. We just ate fruits and pancit other than that nothing. Though we had veggie shawarma and spicy pasta for appetizer.

Fragrant shisha (Arabian water pipe) self-service

20170625_185724Yes, we had shisha in our package, but my colleagues bought this for 50 aed for unlimited usage and services.

Some other deals includes are complimentary Arabic Qahwa, coffee & tea,  and
soft drinks and water.

The overall experienced totally awesome.

Watch for the full adventure of our Desert Safari Adventure down below.

DIY: Old bedsheet to throw pillowcase. How to make “no sew” pillowcase.

Today, you get to see the crafty side. I have here two old pillow from Gee-Ann. An old stuffs ready to throw. I knew that I need to do something about this pillow. My imagination kills me every minute to think of this object, literally. So what I did was I search on I found out this kind of method that no sewing, just tie the slits in double knots all around.

Actually, my first DIY was from old polo shirts to pillow case. But I forgot to document everything. P

So I made another one to guide you on how to make this wonderful and useful pillowcase “no sew”.


  1. old/new foam
  2. Textile / old clothes
  3. Scissors


  1. Cut your sheet according to your desire shape of pillow.2. I choose square. If you want to add some messages for you loved-ones, better.


3. Cut the both corner.

4.Cut slits all around the edges.

5.Tie the slits in double knots all around. leave one side open

6. Place your old foam inside to the open side then continue to double knots.  And see what you’ve got.


Isn’t it amazing? Right? Though it test my patience before I came up like this. Sitting for almost three and half hours doing this thing. Very worth it. I waste my time for good.